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Dear Reader:

Thank you for visiting the Oxford Islamic Information Centre website. This site is designed to provide information about Islam in its true form, in an easy and accessible manner for all those wishing to learn more about this religion.
Special effort has been made to create this website for those who wish to seek the truth about Islam, and who wish to understand this beautiful religion and its principles in greater depth. This website is not intended to contest other religions or faiths, nor is it designed to challenge the beliefs of others. Our only aim is to provide clear and accurate information, based on solid facts and evidence. Although any reader can benefit from the information included on this site, it is aimed particularly at non-Muslims interested in learning about Islam as well as those new to the faith who wish to embark on their journey through the religion.

Here one will find information on the basic aspects of Islam, as well as a brief history of the faith. In addition, those areas of Islam which are often misunderstood or misrepresented, such as Islam’s views on contemporary issues, are also covered.

There is also a section specifically for new Muslims and those interested in converting to Islam which covers many of the questions and concerns often faced by those who enter into the faith. Please feel free to explore this site and learn from its contents, and please do inform us of your views and opinions. We invite you to post questions or comments on the Forum page which the team at the Oxford Islamic Information Centre will be happy to answer.

If you require further information about any of the topics, or wish to enter into Islam, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are only one email or phone call away and would be delighted to hear from you.

We hope that you will find this site both enlightening and beneficial and that it will open your eyes and hearts to the truth about this beautiful religion, perfected for all mankind.

May Almighty God shower your life with His Mercy and Blessings.


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Books Published by Oxford Islamic Centre

Seven Steps to Glory Prayer Guide from Beginner to Expert A comprehensive guide how to learn and how to teach all prayers in Islam. From children to adults, from converts to scholars, all can learn from the content of this prayer book inshaAllah.

Secret of Al-Fatihah

Surah Fatihah is indeed a remarkable Surah that has never been revealed before. This Surah has so many secrets which will be discovered in the future Insha’Allah. Allah knows Best.

Jesus – Son of God? An exploration of the concept of the Prophet Jesus in Islam and a refutation of the claim that he is the ‘Son of God’.

Muhammad: The Hero - The Inheritor of All Prophets. An imaginative account of some of the events in the Prophet’s (pbuh) life, focusing on his heroic qualities and great feats of character, underlining the greatness of his lineage and deeds.

The Complete Guide to Islamic Prayer

 A comprehensive guide to the many elements of prayer in Islam, its history, benefits, types and methods of mastering this vital practice. One of the most complete Books of prayer produced in current time.

THE THRONE AMONGST THE STARS Ayatul Kursi, explored from a new and unknown angle that may not been resarch before Allah knows best

The companion of the Cave
Suratul Kahf chapter 18, explored from a new and unknown angle that may not been resarch before Allah knows best