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About Us


The Oxford Islamic Information Centre (OIIC) was founded in 1990 by Dr Sheikh Ramzy to cater for the need for the provision of accurate and accessible information about Islam, and to offer advice, help and support to New Muslims on their path to Paradise.

The aim of the OIIC is to represent Islam as the beautiful religion it is, to welcome anyone wishing to find out more about it and to help all those on it’s path to live their lives according to it’s guidelines.

The Centre provides a wide range of literature, books and leaflets about Islam which are all free to those wishing to find out more about the religion. For anyone interested in discovering more about Islam, or any one wishing to embrace Islam, we would highly encourage you to contact us on the details below.

The OIIC also runs regular weekly classes for New Muslims, both men and women, and offers individual advice on all matters related to the faith, as well as tutorials on how to pray, using a tried and tested method, guaranteed to help New Muslims learn the prayer in no time at all!

The Centre also organises yearly events including Eid celebrations, lectures and conferences, and social events. This includes school visits, where members of our team have been invited to deliver talks and lectures in schools, universities and other educational institutions on Islam and Muslims in order to promote understanding and cohesion within the wider community.

In addition the OIIC offers Islamic marriage and divorce services. Dr Sheikh Ramzy has many years of experience in conducting Islamic marriage ceremonies, and also offers marriage counselling, particularly for converts and their spouses. 
If you would like any further details about any of the services offered, or any of the information on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to hearing from you. 
With our best wishes,


The OIIC Team



Latest News

Information Service: For more information about Islam please contact us through Email, or mob: 07773034441.

Lessons for New Muslims: Thursday 6.30pm & Friday Lessons on Islam for women as well as personal tuition on how to pray and recite the holy Quran etc.

Islamic Marriage and Divorce Service: Islamic Marriage and Divorce services for Muslims, Please Contact Dr Sheikh Ramzy,

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