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The Pillars of Faith (Iman) are intrinsic to a Muslim’s life. Without believing in these pillars one cannot be called a Muslim, even if a he or she acts correctly in accordance with all aspect of Islamic jurisprudence.

Below are the Pillars of Iman, accompanied by a short explanation of each one:

Note: For a more in depth explanation, please click the link in the menu:

1: Belief in One Supreme God (Allah):

As Islam is a monotheistic religion, the first essential rule is to believe in the Oneness of God, who is known to Muslims by many names and attributes. One of His most supreme names is Allah.

Note: for more info click the link ‘Belief in One God’.

Note: for more info click the link Allah.

2: Belief in Angels

Muslims are required to believe in the existence of angels (who are created from a form of light). Muslims believes that all angels are the servants of the God and do not obey anyone except Him, nor do they have free will or the ability to disobey. Angels are responsible for many things in the world, for example watching over humans.

For more ingormatins Click Angels..

3: Belief in the Books and Revelations

Another requirement of Islamic belief is to believe in the Holy Books that were revealed to Prophets throughout history. These include the Qur’an, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which Muslims believe is the last, complete and unchanged revelation, as well as the original text of the Torah, the Bible, the Scrolls of Abraham and the Psalms of David, which were all believed to have contained divine Truth.

4: Belief in the Prophets

Muslims are required to believe in all prophets and messengers who have been sent by Almighty God. They should truly respect them. Muslims believe that the first prophet was Adam and the last was Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

5: Belief in the Day of Judgment:

No Muslim’s faith is complete without believing in the Day of Judgement. One could argue that without Judgement Day there is not much benefit in doing good or bad, being alive or dead. Life loses its meaning.

All Muslims should believe in these Pillars and act up on them. The Day of Judgement is the day when good will be separated from bad. Anyone who did good will gets their rewar, and anyone who committed sin will receive their punishment.
One this day if God is in your side you are saved, if not… God help you!

6: Belief in Fate

Qadar means fate. Muslims believe that all things are meant to happen. Almighty God has written all things that happen to man. Therefore man should be patient, since everything happens for a reason.


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